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Generally I look at the doctrines from a functional standpoint Conventional is great for static warfare, followed by large scale battleplan-using assaults. Set up frontlines and build up a massive planning bonus, as that’s going to be your edge with conventional. Asym focuses on cheap, Flexible troops, with the ancient tactics tree centering on continuous …Aug 1, 2020 · This is the well-rounded general purpose set of naval doctrines that most substantial navies used. It enhances Search & Destroy for capital ships, submarine detection for screening ships, and bonuses for all classes, although subs seem least favored. This is the most powerful doctrine for surface action. I can't conclusively prove it, but from personal experience of doing the same I do believe that all doctrines will still work, as certain buffs that are not abstracted into the combat algorithm (e.g. Buffs to Division Organization and Recruitable Population) express their full effects regardless of when you unlock them with the command.

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This doctrine is a sound solution for those of the players that like meticulous defining of frontlines and who like seizing areas after actions have been planned in detail. This doctrine concerns all of the land units and this is what makes it an universal one.A navy is a country's collective naval force, with which it can perform naval warfare . For organisation and control, the navy is divided into one or more fleets. Each fleet consists of one or more task forces, with each task force containing a number of individual ships . At the beginning of the game, each player's navy will already be ...Superior Firepower: Yuck, the end all be all for doctrines. The fact it has the highest defense value for infantry is just dumb. The first split is ok, but I think the right side should focus on improving some of the non attack support divisions (field hosiptal, logistics, signal ect.) and the left should focus on the values of attacking ...Land doctrine flowchart. I think land doctrines needs a serious revamp, superior firepower is the way to go for like 95% of the countries in the game. Superior Firepower is getting nerfed next patch. The 20% Soft attack and Defense is getting halved to 10%. It seems to be an all around good boost to all ship types than specializing certain aspects like the other two doctrines.---Trade Interdiction---*Carriers* 60 Organization *Battleships* 50 Organization 50% Search and ... HOI4 /pre-- WW1 Global grand strategy game: Pride of Nations Favorite Game I may never have time ...All other doctrines are very situational and basically avoid a direct fight in favor of other strategies. LCs are far too weak for their points because 3 DD, which cost the same as 1 LC, have the same AA, same light damage and far superior against capitals and subs thanks to their more numerous torpedoes and depth charges. Sure, they are more ...Japan doesn't have the industry to maintain a large mechanized force. Probably the default, the country is mountaineous and when defending islands, the extra entrenchment is useful. Japan doesn't have the industry to maintain a large mechanized force. Superior Firepower is the best general purpose doctrine.Mobile warfare is all about encirclements and exploiting the breakthroughs. Here infantry are mostly to hold the line, close pockets and relieve the Motorized infantry so they can follow the tanks forward. It's my favourite doctrine, though grand battleplan or superior firepower generally work better for a lot of countries. 5.Big fan of the mod, haven't played in a few months so I decided to do an Ottoman run. Felt pretty proud of myself beating the Italians, averting the young Turk revolution, and beating the Balkan League in 6 months, but as I'm putting the finishing touches on Greece I see a new event (for me) where all the powers come together and force me to yield my hard-won gains.Air doctrine. Air doctrine allows a nation to specialize the way its air force conducts air warfare. Air doctrines can be reviewed and unlocked from the Officer Corps. There are three mutually exclusive doctrine trees.Go to hoi4 r/hoi4 • by ... especially if you go down the Mobile Warfare Land Doctrine path. Another popular template I see is a 5-4-1 division template using 5 Armored Brigades, 4 Motorized Brigades, and 1 Tank Destroyer Brigade. This template is very strong against other Armored Divisions and should be used to counter an enemy's Armored ...hemothep • 4 yr. ago. 40w is better. This is about concentration of force. You'd want to fill up at least 80 width anyway for a spearhead. Production wise there is no big difference between 2x 40w and 4x 20w, but 40w will fight better because how defense/breakthrough works. hamze2011 • 4 yr. ago. Honestly the r/hoi4 is one of the best ...Go down 'Mobile Warfare' land doctrine prioritising motorised bonuses instead of tanks (the left side of the research tree). Motorised work well for smaller nations as they are easier and cheaper to produce and defend better than tanks ... HOI4: The Netherlands Guide - To ensure your survival you should side with Germany and focus on ...The superior firepower is the best doctrine because it gives you a lot of good, early bonuses to infantry (such as +10 organization and +10% soft attack). Later it buffs them even more (With Shock&Awe you can get another +10 organization, +10% soft and +5 hard attack attack)Sep 10, 2023 · 1 Cost to unlock 2 Doctrine trees 3 List of all docYes, the Soviet doctrine of the Deep Battle is The biggest problem I have with doctrines is that they give simple bonuses without downsizes. Let's use Superior Firepower as an example. It mainly makes your artillery deal more damage, presumably by prioritzing its supply lines and more intense coordination. Does that get represented by higher Supply Consumption or slower Planning?Variables. A variable within Hearts of Iron IV is a signed 32-bit fixed point number with scaling of . As such, it ranges from -2 147 483.648 to 2 147 483.647. Adding further amounts above or below the variable will result in an overflow, causing the value go from the maximum to the minimum or vice-versa. Ben Ho is a senior analyst with the military studies program of Air Superiority Doctrine is a technology in the Early Fighter Doctrine field of the Air Doctrine tree. It is the seminal technology of the tree and is required for any research into air doctrine. Air superiority is the dominance in the air power of one side's air forces over the other side's during a military campaign. It is defined in the NATO Glossary as "That degree of dominance in the air ...There's a sort of misconception that MW is the best doctrine for tanks by a large margin, but SF provides better bonuses for a lot of stats. MW really only boosts org and breakthrough on tanks, which is good of course but raw firepower is just as good, if not better. Check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions prepared

I will say I have absolutely used this doctrine on Canada in multiplayer before to good effect. Mechanized divisions with nearly 100 organization are difficult to dislodge from El Alamein. They're the ultimate defense division when paired with the mobile infantry branch of mobile warfare. ... which isn't the case anymore in HoI4. Toggle ...Combat tactics provide damage, movement speed, and combat width modifiers in land battles . Tactics get re-selected every 12 [1] hours from a weighted list of all available tactics. The side having Initiative gets an increased chance to counter their enemy's tactic. If a tactic gets countered, all its effects are disabled.Note that Mass Assault doctrine reduces the width of infantry battalions, so the resulting division may be under 20 width. You can either use more battalions in the template to compensate, or let the game fill the front with more divisions. Either way, the specific numbers shown below may be slightly deceptive in case of Mass Assault.Hello all, When it comes to air doctrines, I understand what Strategic Destruction and Battlefield Support represent, but what about Operational Integrity... Paradox Forum. Menu. Forum list Trending. ... Vary the appearance of icons in HoI4 in order to depict unit strength Describe what words or phrases introduce confusion or ambiguity in HoI4.Colombia is a country in northwestern South America. The country, composed of three states (La Libertad, Cundinamarca and Meta) is bordered clockwise by the extensive Caribbean Sea, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Western Canal Zone in the Pacific Ocean and Panama.The United States control the important Panama Canal. The capital Bogota is located in the central state of Cundinamarca.

10 Powerful Hearts of Iron 4 Infantry Templates. 10. Shock Troopers. For a love of Blitzkrieg. This template is for those who want a template that can keep up with a blitzkrieg through your tank corp. To properly support a blitzkrieg-styled offense, you need troops who can keep up with the rapid pace that it sets, and the abundance of motorized ...Carriers go right, small navies or commerce raiders take the first couple in the middle, and the big boys with Battleships and stuff but not running or not wanting to run CVs go left. Air is far simpler than this flow chart makes it out to be. If you're using tac bombers use the right side. CAS is in the middle.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. 3. Mix of all and planning. 4. Infantry. For Mexico (as I pl. Possible cause: one of the most common questions when i play multiplayer is which doctrine should i go? ev.

France can already get Heavy 3 by 1939, although it requires research coordination with other players and tech stealing. Blecao • 2 yr. ago. that may or may not be the case if you talk abaut the game. the H35 was put in 1930 for example in the old tree but honestly what you say would make a lot of sense.Same for easterm Romania. Then, lure turkey out by placing your two main armies at Bulgaria's northern and western edges, giving them some space to go out. Then, encircle them and push fast to get a foothold past istanbul. Once you get that foothold with about 20 divs encircled back home, it's over.

Superior firepower is always a good doctrine. It got nerfed recently so that it's not always the best doctrine. It's a generalized doctrine that makes everything perform well. The reason I prefer deep battle for Russia/China are breakthrough priority and continuous offensive. Breakthrough priority gives your infantry extra breakthrough, which ...Command power (CP) represents the ability of the government to bypass the chain of command and directly influence the military. Command power is capped at 200, however, both the growth and the cap can be increased by Doctrines and National Spirits.Command power is limited to promotion of Field Marshals and the "More Ground Crews" ability unless you have the Waking the Tiger DLC.

The best land doctrine for the Soviet Union. While you do start wi Jan 19, 2023. Jump to latest Follow Reply. I have two questions pertaining to the Land Doctrines of Hoi 4. Foundational to either question is a broader question … Example battle screen. A land battle is a combat in the defendiJapan was the leader of the Axis powers in the Pacific Theater. Some Mass Assault doctrine. If you have manpower and train time bonuses (looking at you Russia and China). Mass Assault doctrine is for you. specifically the deep battle, relentless assault ability. You have a long line of troops constantly attacking, the enemy will run out of supply and man power over long periods of time. Grand Battleplan Doctrine. I have been ex This HOI4 guide for France starts ... And lastly, victors of the Great War causes a +50% land doctrine cost, which means it's expensive to reform your army to counter threats effectively. Let's get rid of those spirits! The increase in political power makes reform much slower.Game Changing Doctrines. Subscribe. Description. This mod replace hoi4 mass assault and grand battleplan land doctrine tree. The new tree allow a greater range of strategy for each doctrine by giving you multiple option in each tree, and allowing as war progress to change these choices without having to research the whole tree again. Nordic and broad reworks. I think a dlc reOct 9, 2022 · You just need to learn what each doctrine oHey! Basically redipping my toes in Hoi4. Whilst I&#x If its 1943, and you don't plan to play past 1946, don't try a surface fleet, you don't have time. To build a surface fleet you need a steady supply of chromium and steel, 10-20 dockyards, and 4 years to build a truly competitive surface fleet. You also need good naval techs and designs, and all of the oil. Chunky you replied almost 2 years late. #11. 5th doctrine of Grand Battle Plan. Another 10% breakthrough, so lets summarize the first 5 of Grand Battle Plan: +30% breakthrough + 10% breakthrough for planning. +10 entrenchment. +25% entrenchment … Doctrines are meant to be something you develop ovSo if your doctrine gives you 20% "air superiority m We cover a variety of games including World of Warcraft, Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 4, HOI4, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Skyrim, Valheim, The Outer Worlds, Dead by Daylight, Death's Door, The Forgotten City, ICARUS, Elden Ring, Sifu, Stranger of Paradise: FFO, Hogwarts Legacy, Starfield, Rust, Stray, Gotham Knights, Sons of the Forest, Baldur's Gate ...